Creating While Waiting!

This quarantine has been hard for me – I like to be out and about with my camera as much as possible and that has been limited this Spring. People who know me, know that I LOVE photography (I get grumpy when I am away from my camera too long) and gardening.

This Spring I have been super busy in the gardens of the house we moved into in November. The house sat empty all last Summer and the gardens have needed a lot of work. This has also provided me with an opportunity to photograph a lot of flowers. And I am very lucky that my neighbors let me photograph their gardens as well.

When the weather hasn’t cooperated with my for gardening, I have been working on various photographic projects in the house (with some strange looks from my pups while doing so I might add!). And I am currently working on revamping my photography blog while waiting to see what ‘normal life’ will be like after the virus.

As Albert Einstein said “Creativity is contagious ~ pass it on!”

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